Free Replay of Live Webcast from August 25, 2011 & August 26, 2011

If there was something that you missed, or would like to see again, the video replay is online. You can watch in full screen mode, change the size of the video and powerpoint windows, and jump to the content that is most relevant to you. In the next week or so, we will cut the video clips into smaller segments for you.

Thursday: Memorial Hall (Main Room) 

Watch Full 9 Hour Video Track:

The speakers and sessions in this track include the following:

  • Ben Roth: Transforming Brand Experiences: An IBM Case Study
  • Kurt Nelson: The Great Event Camp Challenge
  • Ryan Hanson: The Designer’s Challenge
  • Glenn Thayer: Taming the Hybrid Pink Elephant
  • Lynn Randall: Engagement for Committment-Phobes
  • Erica St. Angel: Fortune Telling: 5 Predictions for Funding Virtual and Hybrid Events
  • Bob Vaez: Start Your Devices: 5 Steps to a Successful Mobile Strategy.
  • Elizabeth Henderson: Gameon 2011: How GMIC Used Game Mechanics to Reinforce Learning & to Change Member Behaviors

Thursday: Johnson Room:

Mobile Learning Block:

  • Ruud Janssen: Building Your Dream App
  • Ellen Dudley: GameUp for Your Events with Mobile Technology

Friday: Memorial Hall:

Watch Full Track

  • Adrian Segar: Pecha Kucha Social Media Springboard
  • Erica St. Angel:
  • Mitchell Beer:
  • Jenise Fryatt:
  • Lynn Randall:
  • Jessica Levin:
  • Cameron Toth:
  • Mike Scott: Evolving the Dale Carnegie Brand & Learner Experience
  • David Adler: Follow the Money: The Future of Meetings and Events

Johnson Room:

Find the ECTC11 Learning Journal here:





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