Event Camp Twin Cities is about inspiring you to try new communication and collaboration paradigms at your events.

Today’s attendees are more educated, more experienced and have more information at their fingertips than ever before. We need new ways to connect and engage them. This event will give you an opportunity to learn about and experience some of these new tools and formats.

Event Camp Twin Cities is about helping you harness this new attendee power and transforming that energy into new ideas and solutions that change business.

Event Camp Twin Cities - AtomAt Event Camp Twin Cities, we are going to experiment with several new digital and face-to-face collaboration and communication tools. If things go well, the experience will be more like a delicately woven tapestry and less like an all-you-can-eat buffet line – where technology is just thrown out there for you.

Event Camp Twin Cities is Social.

Event Camp Twin Cities - SocialWhen it comes to social media, virtual technology and innovation in events – we are all learning very quickly. You might be the expert and don’t realize it. We want to tap into your ideas and experiences.  This conference will provide formats that recognize your excellence, embrace it and elevate it.  We won’t be talking – you will.

Event Camp Twin Cities is an innovation lab.

Event Camp Beaker IconIf Event Camp were a building, it would be at the corner of “what if” and “let’s try that.” We will experiment and push the boundaries.  This innovation lab will be a safe environment where you can try new things (or experience them or learn about them) without taking the risk at your event first.

While most things will go well – there will be some hiccups. That’s ok. It’s normal when you are pushing the boundaries.

Event Camp Twin Cities is about you.

In our minds, Event Camp will have succeeded if you can go home and say the following:

“Yes, I have now seen how hybrid event technology, social media and new collaborative formats can transform events. Yes, we could try ________ at our event. We may not be able to do it without help – but yes we could do it. AND, we could do it 10 times better than those crazy people at Event Camp Twin Cities.”